The Last Ride


What will no doubt be my last ride of the year went down today. I went out past Honama Bay.  While here, I have done 222 Kms since Monday.  Tomorrow, Sunday we leave on the Red Eye arriving YEG Monday morning, 365 days after our departure.

After some thought and consideration Tantalus Dr is tougher than Norton Summit.  Luckily I didn’t need to do it 100 times to reach that conclusion, along with my cycling computer four times was enough.

While my POLAR training soft wear tells me I have been over-training by a huge margin since the beginning of December, today’s route was pretty flat and I actually was able to find some speed and tempo (borrowed it from Elvis.)  I will recover and be back into the “green zone” by Wed. Dec 24/14.  Perhaps my steel SURLY will arrive in time for me to do some “rides” on my air trainer by then?–just found out that there is a package waiting for me at DHL in YEG.

Anyway here are some Oahu bike photos.

If you are on Oahu and are looking for some cycling love check out ITB.

  • Sonya is a great lady that leads the Tuesday morning ride. (warning: make sure you know the rally point before hand!)
  • Wednesday late afternoon is a good group ride from the shop. Ride leader was Carl = Carl Brooks Bicycle Tours 
  • great store / great peeps…
  • in close proximity to ITB you will also find … Lenard’s …. Rainbow Drive-In and a bunch of Hawaii dining in the same area.

quite simply … stop by if you are on Oahu



Left my good sunnies at ITB after Wed’s group ride. Got ’em back = Winning. No need to buy these.










Hanauma Bay


#72 looking east north east up the coast


Hanauma Bay Last Ride of ’14

















I gots to get me one of them newfangled selfie sticks! Ya and some white sunnies…#douchebag. A Puka shell necklace will pull it all together.





Again with my favourite time to ride EARLY MORNING.


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