We’re off to Adelaide

This provides a bit of a walk down memory lane. Scroll down, lots and lots of photos from east coast and all over WA

In 1989 we were lucky enough to have a teaching exchange to Perth in Western Australia.  It was a fantastic experience.  Now some 25 years later we are returning to the land down under. With a wee bit of luck we will be able to reconnect with some of the people we knew back in the day.

map of the southern portion of Australia –
8 hr drive to Melbourne


hoping to post more photos like this one

and I am guessing this picture (Nov.11/13) will be the last one illustrating our Edmonton weather for some time

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PERTH-Kings Park on Australia Day 89 looking out on the Swan


back “yard” of 81 Tate


Perth on Australia Day 89 Kings Park before the fireworks


81 Tate 1989 Rusty our Ford Cortina


I have always biked, quite honestly I just can’t believe my shorts were ever that short! check out my handle bars! WTF was I thinking!!


Cottesloe beach? Perth81Tate89.8

precursor to Canada Day Celebrations that we have hosted ever since ’89

how can you not have a Koala photo?

swanearly morning89.6

Swan River early morning not far from Applecross

swanearly morning89.5

this is ground zero for “Keep Calm and Carry On”


FIXTURE CHAMPIONS. The finest collection of international basketball players ever assembled! The 89 “all commonwealth all stars!”

This is US0013

Pelli below the radar Early morning on the Swan

This is US0014

teaching swimming down under presented some challenges

This is US0015

You mean I get paid AND I get to shoot a gun? Damn

Sydney 89.19

check out the Opera House in the background

Gold Coast89.18

Gold Coast

Kurunda QL89.17

The hills outside of Cairns

This is US0010

Flinders Lodge in Albany

This is US0029

Flinders B & B

This is US0017

Walpole, close to Denmark WA

This is US0016

Around Albany

This is US0013

We were always attracted to the south of Western Australia very much a Local Hero vibe… I am hoping to see it again

This is US0028

Cape Le Grand – Esperance WA

This is US0019

I remember reading about this picture house in National Geographic I actually saw a movie there

This is US0020

Cable Beach …in 89 this was pretty remote!

This is US0021

Aboriginal School I put on a basketball clinic there. Kids wondered if I knew Jordan!

This is US0022

This photo has grown on me since I took it. I am still a Bill Reid guy and love the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.

This is US0023

Windjana or Geikie Gorge… we went swimming in one of them… seriously you need to watch out where you swim up North. This is a fresh water crock but yeah teeth are teeth.

This is US0026

caving around Tunnel Creek

This is US0025

Windjana Gorge

This is US0003

Rottnest Island ..no cars

This is US0002

Gold mine Kalgoorlie

This is US0001

The Round Weekend out in Kalgoorlie

This is US



  1. Kathy

    Enjoy your adventure, Jim and Sue. Loved the old pics. Make sure you come back!

  2. Ava Garbutt

    Wow, love the pics. Have a wonderful time Sue and Jim. We will miss you. Ava

  3. Karen

    I miss you already!!! Blogs take a lot of work…can’t believe that next week you will be starting a whole new set of memories…Take Care

  4. Cheryl

    Heh Sue, It was great visiting with you at Lori’s. I hope you and Jim have a safe journey and a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see your photos of the Cook Islands. All the very best Sue! Cheryl Cruickshank

  5. Maureen

    Have a great trip and enjoy. It will be a great experience. I know Shim said if he would have gone to Australia in his 30’s he would not have come back. Looking forward to your blog.

  6. Catherine

    How are you doing in the Cook? It’s Christmas Eve here now but it must already be Christmas where you are.
    Merry Merry.
    Miss you guys.

    • It is the night before Christmas and not a creature is stirring (accept for the Chooks… cockle doodle do) With me in my flip flops and Sue in her thong (kidding) Rain and 26c today. Drinking local beer eating yellow finn tuna. Yum yum. I am sending Sue and Alec off to Aitutaki Jan.1 for the day. Peace and good will from Raro

  7. Dawn

    Happy New Year’s Skillings Family. Really looking forward to watching your adventure.
    Enjoy each and every moment . . . you know how fast a year will go!!

  8. Wow, I love the photos. Happy New Year! Have a wonderful rest and Susan, I hope your school year starts off great. Jim, good Luck with the cycling! Take Water and a buddy with you. Hope Alec is having the time of his life! We miss you.

  9. Misty

    Okay, it’s Jan 6th, and no update yet. This is RUBBISH 🙂

    I miss you! Play safe, my friends xoxoxo

    • Misty…. I’ve been updating like every 48 hours since we landed! Plus the Cooks… Sue is lounging around just now and I m off for a ride 7am Tuesday 7th ,
      Best “US”

      • Misty

        HAH! I see you’ve been adding comment updates. I need the goods. please post a photo of you on your bike – hair twisting in the warm breeze, and Sue in her thong (I knew it!).

  10. Misty

    HOLY GEESH I had no idea how to see all the other posts! OFF I GO!

  11. Nice pictures! Love the one with the handler bar down side up, hahaha!

  12. Patrick Chmilar

    Very small world, Mr. Skulking was my Phys. Ed teacher at Riverbend Jr. High. My son is competing in the Running Room Indoor Games and I immediately thought of Jim. I will never forget that face or him yelling at me to give it my all!! Thank you for helping to shape me into the man I have become.

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